Touchscreen Leather Glove by Quill & Tine

TORONTO – Quill & Tine is excited to announce the release of its Holiday 2015 Collection of leather touchscreen gloves. The rich colour palette of the Muskoka region defines this year’s holiday collection. Rich blue hues, granite, forest green, and romantic red hues tie in with luxurious Italian lamb leathers, shimmering lamb, peccary, rich lambswool, and the softest Italian cashmere.

Each style of their gloves is, as always, named after Canadian artists of varying disciplines from painters, vocalists, thespians to architects, designers, and cultural influencers.

glove1 glove2 glove3 glove4 glove5

No sprays, no synethetics, and no toxic chemicals. Many touchscreen gloves use aniline sprays for touchscreen capability – such treatments degrade the leather and the touchscreen capability is temporary. Quill & Tine’s leathers are finely tanned and tumbled with an immersive treatment of a patented & specially formulated biodegradable solution to enable permanent touchscreen capability.

Rather than using mass-manufacturing sources, Quill & Tine employs small workshops to ensure quality and expert craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen and glovemakers whom respect the heritage of traditional glovemaking expertly craft each glove. Each style has extremely limited runs, from 4 pairs to a maximum of 150 pairs per style per season to guarantee exclusivity and consistency in quality.


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buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk ABOUT Quill & Tine

Founded in 2012, Quill & Tine is a Canadian designer touchscreen glove company with a focus on luxury and craftsmanship. The company was born from a desire to bridge the artisanal traditions of the past with the ingenuity of modern innovations. Thus, they set out to develop beautifully crafted and luxurious leather gloves that could interface with touchscreen devices without the use of conductive materials that would otherwise compromise on craftsmanship and aesthetic quality. ABOUT Richard & Simon 

As two co-founders of Quill and Tine, Richard & Simon are a duo with a diverse array of experience, and have had the fortune of having the support of a small team in Toronto, whilst receiving mentorship from industry specialists and glove makers from New York, Milan, Paris, and Toronto. Richard & Simon have a combined experience of 12 years in design, development, the leather trade, and bringing lifestyle and fashion products to market.

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