The Artist: Contemporary Piano Artist Sunny Choi

TORONTO – With more than 100,000 followers on social media, contemporary piano artist Sunny Choi released her original solo piano album titled Closer to share her personal stories through music. Choi’s approach to sound and music sets her apart with powerful melodies that contain no filter when it comes to expressing her emotions. Here, she offers FANIQUE a deeper look into her perspective on music, life journey, and plans for the future.

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like this FANIQUE: How do you introduce yourself?
Tastylia Oral Strip no prescription Choi: My name is Sunny Choi. I am a contemporary piano artist. But before I can call myself a pianist, I’m a person with my own stories in life, my own experiences, my own feelings, and personality, that uses piano as a tool to express my feelings and emotions into a form of music. FANIQUE: You moved to Canada from Korea with your family at your 13-year-old. As a young girl in a brand new country, what was it like at that time?
Choi: I remembered I didn’t go to school for two weeks after we arrived. So, it was just two weeks of doing nothing but adapting in a brand new place. My dad only had one job in his whole life in Korea, and he gave it up so that we can be in the country with new opportunities for my brother and I. We stayed in a hotel for a month when we first arrived. Living in a hotel every single day for a month, is like fun camping session with my family. I was just excited to get everything started in a brand new atmosphere–meet new friends and go to school where they speak a completely different language.

FANIQUE: Is piano music always your passion to pursue a career in the industry?
Choi: It wouldn’t be correct if I said piano was my passion. Piano was always a part of my life. I was always actively involved in and outside of school with music and it’s through music that I learned to express myself, which became my passion. So, to call the entire music as my passion wouldn’t be quite correct https://apothekesch... It would be the form of expressing myself through music, through the instrument, which is piano, that happened to become my passion.

FANIQUE: What is the biggest challenge in your life so far?
Choi: I think the biggest challenge in my life was the fact that… pursuing a music career wasn’t a part of my plan. But that sounds really silly now that I think of it, because how do I know what’s going to be ahead of my life? If that was the case, then, what a boring life that is. So, I feel like sometimes having no plan is the best plan because you never know what kind of opportunities that you’ll come across. And, I’m so thankful that I chose music as my career because I’m coming across all kinds of situations and opportunities and new journeys in my life that I never thought would be a part of my life.

FANIQUE: Tell us a bit about your latest music album Closer.
Choi: “Closer” is all about getting closer to the ones you love. So, your family, your friends, your lover, your… whoever. Whoever that’s really important in your life.

FANIQUE: Based on your personal experience, do you have any advice for those who dream to be a music artist?
Choi: Surround yourself with others that like what you like too and then you can get a lot of ideas and opinions and feedback from just being around them too. And just look for other opportunities in the community. Be curious about what it is that you really enjoy doing.

FANIQUE: Your music career starts from and mostly based in Toronto. How do you like the city?
Choi: I think Toronto is a great, great city. It’s a big city. But then at the same time, Toronto has a lot of different communities that provide its own, sort of, small sense of community feeling. And I really like that about Toronto and I really respect that about the fact that a big city like Toronto is able to do so.

FANIQUE: What’s the next plan in your music career?
Choi: I’ll be moving to New York City to continue to pursue my career in music. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m completely over with Toronto. I just want to surround myself with best things in life and while I’m still young, so I’m taking this opportunity and this time that I have to explore something new in a bigger city.

Photographs by Vaiyu Law/FANIQUE

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ABOUT Sunny Choi

Prior to releasing her first solo piano album 'Closer' in May 2013, contemporary piano artist and composer Sunny Choi had already charted in the Billboard magazine under 'Next Big Sound' chart, which lists the fastest accelerating artists across all major social music sites, statistically predicted to achieve future success.


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