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The film industry has the capacity to create stars from virtual unknowns, as well as fashion icons, that consumers look up to when shopping for the latest trends. Who could forget the iconic Audrey Hepburn and her timeless looks that continue to inspire fashion collections from the biggest designers today? And most of these Hollywood stars owe their iconic fashion status to their on-screen style.

When it comes to selecting fashionable movies, there’s a wealth of titles to choose from. So, with that in mind here’s a list of cinematic inspirations that are renowned for being fashion-forward.

can i buy Pregabalin online Annie Hall

There was a time in history when ladies wore the simplest of skirts and dresses, with their male counterparts most commonly decked out in a suit and trousers. But Annie Hall opened the door for women to wear more eccentric outfits, such as menswear-inspired outfits with fedora hats.

When the movie was released in 1977, it was groundbreaking for a whole host of reasons. One interesting nugget of information is that, the majority of clothing worn by Diane Keaton was in fact from her own wardrobe. Even now, the 60-year-old actress continues to inspire us with her fashion sense, especially when Keaton wore her own clothes for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in their Hollywood edition in 2016.

strattera no prescription The Devil Wears Prada

When it comes to fashion, the 2006-flick The Devil Wears Prada offers the best insight into the dos and don’ts of the industry and the people who frequent runway shows. It stars Meryl Streep who plays Miranda Priestley, a fashion editor, who hires a new assistant played by Anne Hathaway. The film received positive reviews from critics as well garnering praise for the makeover Hathaway received in the film. With the likes of Rotten Tomato giving it a 75% rating, it’s not at all surprising that this $41 million flick grossed $326 million at the Box Office.


While the chemistry between stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy is evident throughout Bridesmaids, very few reference its attention to detail in terms of styling.

Some fashion bloggers couldn’t stop obsessing over Kristen Wiig (playing Annie Walker) and her impeccable wardrobe. What makes her so relatable is the fact that she re-wore many of the same pieces throughout the movie. The success of the movie meant it made a staggering $288 million worldwide and it profited on the opportunity to expand the brand and was featured as one of Pocketfruity’s list of commercially-licensed titles. The immersive game ‘Bridesmaids’ features exciting gameplay that “drops you right in the middle of the outrageous escapades from the hit comedy chick-flick.”

Blade Runner
Released in 1984, Blade Runner is a sci-fi film that gave people in the 80s an idea about what 2019 would look like – even their wardrobe choices. Although it’s hard to envisage flying cars on the street three years from now, the fashion style featured in the movie is surprisingly accurate. Sean Young was seen wearing a fur coat and with a pompadour haircut, which many people at that time found unconventional. The actress begged costume designer Charles Knode (who also created costumes for Braveheart) to let her keep the fur coat after the film. Director Ridley Scott became known for this film due to the weird and wonderful costumes – a great mix of futuristic and film noir.

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