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VANCOUVER – Corbel 3D, a Vancouver-based technology company, recently getswidely recognized and featured in CTV news for its innovative applied 3D technology. Moved from Edmonton, Jingyi Zhang, founder of Corbel 3D, aspiringly started up the business in Vancouver. With less than a year, Zhang has made Corbel 3D a fast-growing and remarkable new brand in the industry.

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fincar overnight delivery FANIQUE: What are the three words to describe yourself? Zhang: Honest, active and happy.

buy Lyrica online overnight FANIQUE: What is special about Corbel 3D?
Zhang:To my knowledge, we are the only company in Canada providing both full body 3D scanning and full colour 3D printing services so far. We use photogrammetric technology to convert 2D photographs into realistic 3D models, and this technology can be broadly used in many industries, like film, games, even fashion and art industry.

FANIQUE: How do you see the connection between 3D technology with fashion and art?
Zhang: 3D technology offers a fully interactive surface for audiences to view fashion and art products. It is also another way to digitally archive designs. It especially allows people to share products over the Internet with one simple click. 3D technology is a new form of media. We used to view pictures on printed-paper, and now we can view things in 3D on tablet.

FANIQUE: Tell us your motivation to start up the business.
Zhang: I find there are unlimited possibilities you can do with 3D technology, and I wish everyone could be inspired and feel the creativity and passion–this is why I started Corbel3D.

FANIQUE: What is your background and how come you choose Vancouver to start Corbel3D?
Zhang:I was born and raised in China, and then moved to Canada since high school. I enjoy constructing and deconstructing things since I was a kid. While pursuing my mechanical engineering degree in University of Alberta, I was introduced to 3D printing and got fascinated immediately by this technology. My first 3D printer was financed by my family while I was in my last year at university. I studied, ate, and slept in the living room in my rented school apartment, with my 3D printer. The toxic fume from the printer made me have to keep my balcony door always opened, even when it was -40°C outside…There were too many unforgettable stories for doing this business.I choose Vancouver because the city is great for movie and games industries, which brings more opportunities for our 3D business.

FANIQUE: What was the milestone that you could never forget?
Zhang: After VancityBuzz published the featured story about us, we got a massive amount of attention from people and other medias. We had over 1300 Facebook shares of our story.

FANIQUE: What is your biggest challenge for doing the business so far?
Zhang: Probably, accounting…I really can’t think of anything else…

FANIQUE: Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?
Zhang: We have many projects going on right now, and my goal is to become the biggest name in photogrammetry 3D scanning.

FANIQUE: What are your recommended websites for FANIQUE insiders?
Zhang: and

FANIQUE: Any tips from you for people who want to pursue a career in your industry?
Zhang: If you decide to start something in technology, you should be ready to accept considerable amount of risk. You will never know what your ROI is unless you get your feet wet for a while. There are always people who think your idea is cool and the others who think it is completely useless. Be prepared for both.

(Photographs provided by Corbel 3D)


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ABOUT Corbel 3D

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia – Corbel 3D is Canada’s premier resource for 3D Printing, 3D Modeling and 3D Scanning services for architects, engineers, developers, filmmakers, visual fx producers and game industries across the country. Corbel 3D is committed to providing the newest 3D technologies for all 3D applications in order to help clients design more quickly and effectively.

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